Xtreme Xplorations

Modern Ruins


Xtreme Xplorations, online as of June 1, 2006.  All aspects of this website including all photographs and videos were created by myself unless otherwise specified.  Why did I create it?  Well it started off being mainly out of pure curiosity however over time it's evolved into a passion to preserve these historic places in some way which spawned the "Abandoned History" project.  I've been scouring the country for some time now in search of these unique forgotten places, I have more interest in these old abandoned buildings in their decay then I ever would if they were active.  I view every small thing left behind as a clue to what life was like and what went on in these places when  they were active.  Every room and floor takes on an interesting new form as nature slowly reclaims it.  Some of these places are not only interesting to me because of how they change in their decay but I find them very interesting because many of them or parts of them were off limits to the public when they were active and few people have ever seen what they were like on the inside.  Also, the histories and the stories told about them make it that much more interesting.  So one day I got a digital camera and started taking tons of pictures documenting my adventures into these old abandoned places.  I got so many pictures I decided to create a place to share them with others and to possibly meet others who were interested in the same things I was, so I created this website dedicated to my favorite hobby.  Not only do I enjoy the photography aspect but its also just fun hanging out on roof tops with incredible views, trying to figure out what certain rooms used to be and what other random objects were used for, imagining what it must have been like to be there when it was active, and wondering what events led to its current state of decay.  As for who I am, that doesn't really matter.  Either you know me or you don't.  I do enjoy meeting other explorers but the internet is a pretty sketchy way to do it.  Feel free to shoot me an e-mail though.  You will see in some of the videos that I go by the name of Billamck.  That's just the name I tend to go by in the online world.  It just mainly provides a little security and anonymity when dealing with sketchy people and places and a vast internet audience.  I have also given some locations displayed on this website other names as well, possibly because I don't even know the names of the places but mainly because some places haven't been visited by hundreds of people yet and aren't all tagged up, so I don't want them to get hit up by people who only want to vandalize the places and cause problems making them more of a target for demolition.  Anyway, I will be continuing to expose these forgotten places as long as I can.  I have explored many places with many people.  Unfortunately some of the places I've been to were gone before I got something better than a disposable camera, but check back often because I try to go out every weekend, if I can, to get some more pictures of these places before they are gone!  Many places on here will be gone in a very short time because developers have big ideas and a lot of money so every place has potential to be destroyed along with its history for something as simple as a parking lot.  So I am doing my best to preserve their history and memory through photography and this website.  As of now I use a variety of camera's from a DSLR to a Point and Shoot, to even a cell phone when I have too.  All photos taken before were taken with a camera not really worth mentioning as my phone takes better pictures than that thing did. So you will see a variety of picture quality and some locations are gone so I can't go back and do them justice with a better camera, but from now on the quality should be much better.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding the pictures or the website or any contributions you may have. However, please DO NOT contact me asking for directions or how to get into these placesPLEASE read the site disclaimer.