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The Beekman

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Name: The Beekman Place

Location: Manhattan, NY

Current Status: Vacant - soon to be redeveloped

Background:  This magnificently ornate building built it 1882 is located smack dab in the middle of downtown Manhattan, NY just blocks from ground zero.  This building housed the grandest atrium in New York at the time it was built and stood towering over most at a staggering 9 stories high.  The building served numerous purposes throughout it's lifespan until its last tenant finally left in 2001.  A little known fact though is that the grand atrium, the building's main architectural focal point, was largely blocked from view and several tenants didn't even know it was there for a large portion of it's more modern existence.  Due to the fire regulations of the modern era the atrium was completely blocked off by suspended drywall and for the most part forgotten until the building's owners removed the walls after the building became vacant.  This move sparked huge interest in the building resulting in its use in high fashion modeling shoots, music videos like that of Kid Cudi, and popular shows like "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" to name a few.  The building has since been sold and plans to turn it into a high class downtown hotel are in the works with plans to leave the architecture for the most part unchanged.

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