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Danvers State Mental Hospital

***R.I.P. DANVERS 1878-2006***

Above is a video documentary on Danvers State Hospital made about its closing but has footage of when it was open.

Danver State Mental Hospital

: Danvers State Mental Hospital

: Danvers, MA

Current Status
: Redeveloped

Background: Danvers State hospital built in 1878 featured its own movie theater, 2 chapels,workers that lived on campus, its own water tower, a gym, and a farm and many other such things.  Residing on the top of a hill in Danvers , MA the building resembles a bat with a male wing stretching out one way and a female the other.  The most extreme patients were kept at the tips of the wings. The movie "Session 9" was also filmed entirely on location there and it gives a good visual of the place if you have never seen it.  Like Met State several former resident patients still reside there beneath unmarked graves.  However a group has made an effort to clean up this cemetery.  Like most large state hospitals, the hospital started out as a beacon of excellence in the health community but eventually it became overcrowded which led to patient abuse.  Many patients were eventually kept in attics and the vast tunnels that ran beneath the hospital.  Also parts of patients bodies were known to be kept after they has passed for further study and then the body parts were later buried next to the body.  The frontal lobotomy was also perfected at this facility. Danvers was closed in the early 90s and remained that way until around 2006-2007 when the majority was turned down and the rest turned into high end apartements.