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Fort Knox

Fort Knox

Name: Fort Knox

Bucksport, ME

Current Status:

This is the real original Fort Knox.  Fort Knox is considered Maine's largest historic fort. Although it never saw combat, it was garrisoned during the Civil and Spanish American Wars. During the American Revolution and again during the War of 1812, British naval forces controlled the lower stretch of the Penobscot River. It features stunning military architecture and master granite craftsmanship. Army engineers and work crews began building Fort Knox in July 1844. Lieutenant Isaac Stevens, who supervised the fort's early construction, tried first to complete the earthen batteries nearest the river. By fall of 1845, one battery was ready for cannons. Workers continued to excavate the entire fort site, removing stone and building roads. Finally, in 1851, river barges brought granite in and the rooms and the alleyways of the main fort began to take shape.