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Hudson River Pyschiatric Center

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Name: Hudson River Psychiatric Center

Location: Hudson, NY

Current Status: Abandoned

Background:  For such a popular locaiton, info was hard to find.  It was originally named the Hudson River State Hospital for the Insane. Constructon began in 1868, and finished in 1871, and  first admitted patients in October 1871 as well.  It was built on land once owned by the Roosevelts. Frederick Clarke Withers designed the building, while Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux designed the grounds. FDR's house is literally just a few miles down the road as well as one of the Vanderbilt mansions.  Patients began to be moved out of the structure in the 1970s and the administration building finally closed officially along with the rest of the hospital in 2001.  However, even though the hospital was closed, locals continued to attend the chaple services on campus for a number of years after.  In 2007 a fire began around 7:00 P.M. on May 31 and devastated a large portion of the hospital, however the hospital property is so expansive a significant portion is left, although heavily damaged.  Even as damaged as it was, the hospital remains a very grand and structurally beautiful location filled with beautiful architecture and giant trees that have inhabited the property for over a hundred years and remains, a true American time capsule.