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Kings ParkPsychiatric Center

Kings Park Psychiatric

Name: Kings Park Psychiatric Center

: New York

Current Status
: Abandoned

Background:  Kings Park Psychiatric Center began in 1885 and only consited of a few small buildings set in a rural area meant as a way for the mentally ill to escape the stress of the city.  The hospital quickly grew out of its few small buildings and the state took over only 10 years later at which time it got its Kings Park name.  Eventually the hospital grew to include over 150 buildings and a peak population of around 9000 patients which also lead to serious over crowding and neglect. Eventually the cost to run such an enormous facility grew to be too much and a slow de institutionalization process began in the 1970s and ended with an official closing in 1996.  So far no real plans have been made to do anything with the property.  The hospital also included a large patient cemetary that has since become the site for the local kings park school and human remains were discovered while building the schools track.  Some of the property is legal to be on and has bike paths and soccer fields with tall fences surrounding the abandoned off limits buildings.  The price to redevelope the land would be near $80 million and the land is valued at roughly at only about $55 million.  So for now the 150 buildings of Kings Park will stand as a large reminder of the area's past.