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Lincoln "Abusement" Park

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Name: Lincoln Amusement Park

Location: Bridgewater, MA

Current Status: demolished

Background:   This was a unique find and fun to explore.  I nicknamed it "Abusement Park" since I came out with a lot of scratches, a few bruises, and bit of poison ivy, but got some good shots none the less.  Built in 1894, the park was orginally named "Midway Park" or "Westport Park" until the name “Lincoln Park” was chosen by a lottery when the park started to boom in the late 19th century.  The most prominent structure on the property was a large intricate wooden roller coaster called the "Comet" which was by far the biggest attraction to the park and it saw its fair share of events while in service.  After being constructed in 1947 (for a whopping $80,000), the early riders needed to carry sandbags to help the cars move ahead because the the ride had not yet loosened up enough to let gravity work. In its history it had a variety of terrible accidents. In the mid 60’s a man died as a result of standing up as the car descended the lift hill. In 1968, the last car detached from the train and rolled backwards until it derailed, tossing its passengers out. In 1986, a man dies while climbing from car to car while the coaster was in motion. In 1987, during the Comet’s last run, faulty breaks caused the last car to derail and hang precariously off the track with its passengers inside. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the jack-knifed car remained in its position, stuck on the roller coaster track well into the 1990s after the parks closing until vandals tore it off.  The park offically closed December 3rd 1987 and has since then suffered a string of fires, a total of six as of November 2005. The only remaining structures in the park are some badly damaged food buildings and the roller coaster, which is now severely damaged as well. The high starting hill collapsed during a January, 2005 snowstorm, and much of the rear (southern) curve collapsed, probably due to water damage, around mid-May, 2009.