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Metropolitan State Mental Hospital

Metropolitan State Mental Hospital

: Metropolitan State Mental Hospital

: Waltham, MA

Current Status
: Redveloped

Background: This is an abandoned lunatic asylum built in 1928 and abandoned in   1992. Its a classic cottage style mental hospital with various kinds of therapy and a maze of underground tunnels.  The property is on a large campus and consists of many buildings as well as a state school for the mentally challenged called Geabler that was also on hospital property but not in view of the hospital itself. This particular hospital included its own movie theater and bowling alley and two chapels for its patients. It also had housing for patients and and male and female workers as well as several other buildings designed for specifc kinds of therapy.  Unfortunately 350 patients of Met State still reside there beneath numbered graves in an area of the property as unkept as the rest of the facility.

Met State Revisited

****Above is a Tribute video I made for Met State Mental Hospital because I just recently found it is very under the chopping block, soon to become mooooore condo property courtesy of Avalon Bay..who else.  Anyway I also found out that blasting and demolition is to start within the next month and I witnessed Avalon's demolition team, while I was at Met on one of my recent visits, prepping the area for blasting.  So again I have to part with another of my favorite local abandonments and say so long to Met State...R.I.P. 1928-2006.****
****Well so I've made a few trips back to Met State for some footage for the tribute video above, artifacts and a little more in-depth exploration after realizing how short a time it has left and so just click on the link below to view new pictures.  My friend Paster Blue also told me about a story about the hospital he had heard and why it is called the "Hospital of 7 Teeth" and the man doesn't lie. After some very easy research I was able to dig up some articles telling the same story. The article below is taken straight from an online encyclopedia and the other link below takes you to this article from the site I got it from. Its pretty gross.****

Metropolitan State Mental Hospital

The Hospital of the 7 Teeth

    "Patient Murder Scandal! In 1978, Metropolitan State patient Anne Marie Davee was murdered by another patient, Melvin W. Wilson. Wilson dismembered Davee's body and kept seven of her teeth which were discovered in his possession by employees of the hospital. Despite this discovery and its obvious implications, no action was taken against Wilson until Massachusettes State Senator Sen. Jack Backman (D-Brookline) led a Senate investigation into the case along with 19 other reports of negligence by state mental health workers. On August 12, 1980 Wilson led investigators to at least three burial sites where he put pieces of Davee's body. Much of the material evidence in the case had been destroyed or gone missing. This evidence included a "hut" in the woods where Davee and Wilson met, clothes and even sheets which hospital employees discovered the day after her disappearance. Nearly two months after her murder, another search by hospital staff yielded pieces of Davee's clothing and belongings along with a hatchet, the supposed murder weapon."

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