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Mission Hill Catholic School

Above is a compilation of multiple video clips, set to music, acquired from a trip to this location several years back.  For best viewing quality select the 480p option by clicking the up arrow in the lower right side of the video window once the video has started playing, enjoy!

Mission Hill Gallary

Name: Mission Hill Catholic School

Location: Jamaica, MA

Current Status: Redeveloped

Background:  This hidden gem has by far the most beautiful theater I have ever come across.  There are actually 3 buildings that comprise the school, the first being the classroom building, the dorm, and then the theater building, all of which are located behind a very historic church building which is still active.  The school was opened in 1898 and was in service until the church decided to close it in 1992.  The vacant buildings have since been sold and are currently planned to be redeveloped into Basilica Court, a 229-unit residential complex, developed by Weston Associates, Inc.  The sale of the buildings have provided enough funding to fix major structural issues with the main church building, which was elevated to basilica in 1954 by Pope Pius XII and is one of only 43 in the United States.