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Mass Mental Health Center

Above is a compilation of multiple video clips, set to music, acquired from a trip to this location several years back.  For best viewing quality select the 480p option by clicking the up arrow in the lower right side of the video window once the video has started playing, enjoy!

Massachusetts Mental Health Center

Name: Mass Mental Health Center

Location: Boston, MA

Current Status
: Demolished

Background: The Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC) was founded in 1912 as the Psychopathic Department of the Boston State Hospital.  The original building stood four stories high and was intended to hold about 100 patient beds.  It also included patient and examination rooms, a pharmacy, library, surgical suite, roof top garden and many outdoor areas for patient recreation and enjoyment. Also included in the plans were laboratories for the director and laboratory chief, with conveniences and apparatus for careful and accurate study, which is one of the leading ideas in the provision of such a hospital.  MMHC remained at this location until 2003 when the business was moved to another location leaving behind this unique T shaped structure that basically curled the ends of the "T" into itself to form two courtyards on both sides for the male and female patients.