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Norwich State Hospital

This location was visited by the Syfy channel's "Ghost Hunters" in 2010 for their season finale. This video contains raw footage edited together from multiple trips to the location from several years prior to it being aired on Syfy by the Ghost Hunters. Do you see any ghosts?

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Norwich State Mental Hospital
 - Virgin Voyage -

Norwich Photo Gallery

- Revisited -

**The "Virgin Voyage" album was created after the very first visit to Norwich State Mental Hospital,  the second album is a culmination of higher quality photos in no particular order from multiple subsequent trips over the years since the first trip**

Name: Norwich State Hospital  

: Norwich, CT  

Current Status
: Abandoned

Background: This is a sprawling cottage style hospital with a maze of underground tunnels connecting a 900+ acre campus along the scenic Thames River.  Opening in October of 1904, the hospital quickly became over crowded and had surpassed the safe level of occupancy by the end of the year. It housed every kind of patient including the criminally insane and its population peaked at 3180 in the 1950s.  Norwich hospital for the insane closed in 1996 and a company by the name of Utopia Studios has been making plans to redevelop it ever since and their ideas include apartments, a production studio and an amusement park.  Norwich was also featured on the 2010 season finale The Syfy Channel show "Ghost Hunters"  as well.  Unfortunately this drew a lot more attention to the site which has caused the rate of vandalization to go increase as well as causing the city to step up security and also cave in  the majority of the tunnels, but fortunately all the pictures posted here are from far before any of this happened so it can be viewed in its pre-vandalized/demoed state.