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Modern Ruins

Paul A. Dever State School

Detention Center State School 

: Paul A. Dever State School

: Taunton, MA

Current Status
: Abandoned

Background:  This facility consisted of several buildings that were pretty much the same and not too impressive architecturally.  The facility, however was still fairly impressive enough with its three miles of underground tunnels and horde of artifacts left behind.  Due to its monotonous institutional structure however, most of the pictures ended up looking fairly similar and so the enormous facility ended up producing very few photos.  The place has also been a popular spot for vandalism.  The 1200 acre campus was originally a military camp during WWII and housed German and Italian P.O.W.s. Old security towers can still be seen if you look closely through the woods. Later, so as not to allow the facility to go to waste, the state converted the property into a state school for the "feeble minded."  It served this purpose until about 1991 when most of the facility closed as a result of underfunding and lawsuits with the remaining parts closing in 2002.