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This is a page that contains random locations that aren't as high profile as an entire abandoned hospital or jail and didn't really have enough pictures or info to devote an entire page to.  So when you view the album there will be an assortment of different places and they will be listed with a little info about them on this page too.  I will continually add to this page as long as I keep finding these random little abandonments.

Random UE

Location 1:
Name: Forgotten Home
Location: Southern, IL
Info: This is an OLD farm house I found when I was visiting Illinois.  I don't know much about it other than a local farmer uses one of the sheds to store equipment I believe and that the house itself is just very OLD.  I could teel because it still had the porcilian door knobs that were used way back in the day and are actually worth some good money now.  So if you want to make the drive to Illinois and cash in on them there are about 15 there!  This place kind of creeped me out though because it looked like one of those houses where a car would break down all the teens in the car that were on a summer road trip or sumthin would get out and have to spend the night there because its in the middle of nowhere and then they all die except for one of them because they actaully fell into the trap of some crazy southern guy with mental problems and likes to kill people...you get the idea.

Location 2:
Name: Mill
Location: Near Salem, MA
Info:  It was some type of mill and thats about all I know.  It wasn't like a flour mill or anything.  It smelled like oil the whole time I was there and it was built on a river.  I actually bumped into this place on my way to the salem jail and stopped by after going to the jail.  Didn't see any immediate ways in but heard the hum of some live electricity even though the building was obviously abandoned but didn't want to risk setting off an alarm and having trouble after the succesful infiltration of the jail.

Location 3:
Name: Shrader Rooftop
Location: Quincy, Mass
Info:  Yea this is just a roof I got onto on top of my school..lol..its not abandoned but it is off limits and the school security is on patrol 24-7 so it was still a good challenge.

Location 4:
Name: Revere River Mill
Location: Revere, Mass
Info:  Theres only one pic of this place because after getting past to barbed wire fences and walking through a marsh and almost getting hit by a trian we got there only to realize it was under constructiong. So we calmly walked back the way we came and booked it once we were out of site only to look back and see 3 workers and a security garud chasing us..lol..no plans to go back.  It looked pretty gutted anyway.

Location 5:
Name: Salem Cemetary
Location: Salem, Mass
Info:  This was just one of many old Salem cemetarys with graves dating back to the 1600s and some of the freakiest trees ever.  I swear all the trees there all grew in a really weird way and its got to have something to do with large amounts of people being buried there.  This cemetary also included a memorial to the salem which trials and had all those charged listed in various places.  I'm not sure if any were actually buried in this graveyard or not, but its very possible.

Location 6:
Name: Thames River Bridge
Location: Norwich,CT
Info:  This was just a huge tall bridge that we stopped at after our trip to Norwich Mental hosptial.  It was pretty cool and it had a long walkway under it that went all the way across the river that we got onto but didn't have the guts to walk out too far.  It had one of those floors that was just metal grating so you could see through and see how far up you were, plus the bridge was vibrating because of all the traffic going over it.