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Salem Jail

Salem Jail

Name: Salem County Jail  

: Salem, MA

Current Status
: Redeveloped

Salem jail was actually home to the famous Boston Strangler once he was caught.  Construction of the Salem Jail began in 1811. The original building was enlarged in 1884-1885, and it was used as a prison until it closed in 1991. It was the oldest operating jail in the country until its closing. It has 2 very unique peak towers and consists of 2 four-tier cell blocks.  The property also includes a separate administration building and a barn.  Cells did not contain their own toilets so prisoners had to used the public facilities at the end of each row of cells at their allowed time. Many ghost stories go along with the jail especially since its in Salem although we didn't run into any problems .  There was, however, apparently many deaths that occured in there and some took place in the trap door that used to be located in the cafeteria where hangings took place  althought I didn't see any trap door, I'm guessin it was done away with a long time ago.  Today you can live at Salem Jail, for the right price, as it is now condos like so many other former abandonments like it.