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Modern Ruins

Westborough State Hospital



Name: Westborough State Hospital

: Westborough, MA

Current Status:  Abandoned

Background:  I could find almost no information on this location, most likely b/c it only did fully close rather recently.  However at the time of the trip it was still somewhat active and I couldn't believe the amount of decay that had occurred, it was a true time capsule.  The only real info I could get was that the whole hospital was ordered to be closed in 2004 and the last building inspection in the section I was in was 1975.  It was an exciting and dangerous trip because at the time the steam tunnels for the active parts that ran underneath the building leaked steam up through the floors and out cracks in the walls which made for very unsafe soft floors. Anyway, we will continue to research this place and hopefully more of the history will begin to surface as the years go on.