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Bradley Navel Shipyard

Bradley Navel Shipyards

Name: Bradley Navel Shipyard

: Hingham, MA

Current Status
: Demolished

Background: The current property includes an enormous warehouse where the ships would be built and this sits on a massive parkinglot with various 2 story abandoned office and specialty buildings scattered around the property.  Some of the property is active as storage and other boating related buisnesses.  I'm not sure how active the warehouse is but it has some equipment stored in it. Now for some history. The Bradley family originally owned the site and the estate consisted of more than one hundred acres that included a horse farm, a polo field and a private airport. At the outbreak of World War II, the US Navy acquired the Bradley Estate and together with the Bethlehem Steel Company built a wartime shipyard to construct Navy vessels needed to bolster the United States war efforts. 150 acres at the harbor were taken for a shipyard to build convoy ships (Destroyer Escorts "DE's").  The shipyard produced 277 ships, and employed 30,000 people. It was closed in 1986, and bought in 1997 by Sea Chain, Inc., as the site for a $250 million redevelopment project for mixed use; high end condominium residential units, some affordable housing, and 200,000 square feet of retail and commercial space. This has not happened really yet obviously.  Only some of it has been redveloped but I'm pretty sure demolition is on the horizon for none other than...you guessed it..the condo idea..