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Symmes Hospital

Virgin Hill Hospital 

Name: Symmes Hospital

Location: Arlington, MA

Current Status
: Demolished

Background:  There isn't a lot of background info on this location, most likely because it a very fresh abandonment for the most part.  It is a very interesting location in that it has 2 buildings, one of which has sustained substantial decay and then the other which is still so much in tact that it still has  that unsettling hospital funk smell to it of sterilization.  The second building is a true time capsule with patient clothing left folded in drawers and shirts, sport coats, and ties left hanging in office closets.  Both buildings also still have power and lights running 24/7 inside and out.  The property for the hospital was obtained in 1901 from the town and 100 years later it was sold back to the town on March 31, 2001 after the hospital closed.  A committee was formed to help determine what to do with the property but due to indecision and the acquiring of permits and such the property has sat vacant atop the hill since its acquisition from the town in 2001 till 2007.  Presently it has been demolished.